Mission statement

Vibrant neighborhoods are the building blocks of healthy cities and thriving regions. Urban Ecology uses urban design, land use planning, and policy reform to help communities plan and build neighborhoods that are ecologically healthy, socially just, and economically fair.

Our Mission

Founded in 1975, Urban Ecology strives to create neighborhoods that are thriving, healthy places to live. We specialize in participatory land use planning that creates a common vision for change and policy advocacy that turns a community’s vision into reality.

While the San Francisco Bay Area has many nonprofits that advocate for neighborhood revitalization and regional sustainability, Urban Ecology is the only one that operates at both levels simultaneously. We are hands-on in neighborhoods, offering technical assistance with streetscape design, architectural services, and land use planning. We also are active at the city and regional policymaking levels, working to change the rules of the game so more resources are channeled more equitably to create safe, healthy urban communities.