What can the future look like?

Urban Ecology is working for change now, but we have a strong vision for the future. That vision is to create neighborhoods, cities, and regions that are sustainable, diverse, democratic, socially just, and well balanced.

What is sustainability?

Sustainability is an area’s ability to support economic and population growth without sacrificing its livability. A sustainable region is one that recognizes the interdependence of people, culture, economy, and nature.

What values guide our work?

We support diversity in the built environment by creating urban areas that offer a range of housing types, open spaces, and choices for transportation. We promote social diversity by planning urban areas that provide for a mix of people with a range of needs, backgrounds, and income levels.

We employ a democratic, participatory process for planning that integrates the community’s diverse values, priorities, aspirations, and needs.

Social justice
We advocate responsible land use planning that promotes social justice by empowering all community members to voice their needs and aspirations.

We help to establish balance in urban environments by planning areas in which work and play, a thriving economy and a healthy environment, and utility and beauty all go hand in hand.

Is our vision possible? We think so.

Read our success stories or review current projects to see how we’ve already begun to realize our vision for the future.