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Urban Ecology is dedicated to developing harmony with urban planning and nature.

Urban Ecology is published to provide information and encourage dialogue on issues related to the urban environment, city and regional planning, and metropolitan affairs.

Urban Ecology gives voice to an ecological urbanism. It encourages readers engaged in urban design, governance, and activism to incorporate ecological sensitivity into their work and to understand the links between the built and natural environments and the many-layered concerns and needs of the people who live in urban settings around the world.

Success Stories!

Below are just a few of our success stories. You can find more details of some of these success stories under our Community Design Consulting section.

Roosevelt Schoolyard Redesign

Summary Urban Ecology partnered with the East Bay Asian Youth Council (EBAYC) to redesign the Roosevelt Schoolyard in Oakland. Currently the planning process is in its final stages, and Urban Ecology is waiting on funding to start breaking ground on the project. EBAYC... read more

Garfield Elementary Schoolyard Redesign

Urban Ecology has partnered with EBAYC to redesign the schoolyard of Garfield Elementary School in Oakland, near the Fruitvale BART Station. Urban Ecology – with the help of the staff, students, and parents of Garfield – have developed a final plan for the... read more

16th Street BART Plazas

Summary The 16th street BART plazas were redesigned in order to create a space which was safe and aesthetically enjoyable for community members of the Mission. Urban Ecology wanted to create a communal space in both the southwest and northeast plazas at the heavily... read more

24th Street BART Plazas

Summary Starting in the fall of 2000, community members were actively trying to bring improvement to the 24th street BART station plazas in the Mission. In 2001 Urban Ecology in connection with community input, designed a plan which would improve the atmosphere of... read more

Community Design Consulting Services

Some of our past projects.

Weeks Neighborhood Plan

The Weeks Neighborhood in East Palo Alto is unique in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is a richly green place with many large trees and open views, in sharp contrast to the concrete and freeways of much of the Bay Area. Many people come to the neighborhood and stay for... read more

The Clinton Park Plan

The Clinton Park Plan is a collaborative effort to revitalize Clinton Park and its surrounding streetscape. Urban Ecology, the East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation (EBALDC) and the Eastlake Merchants Association (ELMA) partnered to create a new park design in... read more

Past Articles from Our Journal

You can visit our contact page to submit your own article! Find all our past journal articles here.

The Mysteries of Planning

By Karen Kristiansson As a city planner, I hear of a lot of books that sound like well-written and insightful works on important urban issues, some reviewed on these very pages. I have found that no matter how hard I try, however, I cannot manage to read all of them.... read more

City Front Shorts

Education not incarceration is the battle cry of a new campaign of the Black Radical Congress, a national coalition of progressive African Americans. At its June national organizing conference in Detroit, the two-year-old organization launched its first national... read more

Angola Project Wins Planning, Architecture Contest

An innovative urban redevelopment project in the Angolan capital of Luanda has won notice from the United Nations for improving the living environment for people in the long-troubled city. Launched in 1994, the Luanda Sul Self-Financed Urban Infrastructure Program... read more

Bangkok’s Motorcycle Taxis

They gather at the foot of every lane, ready to buzz residents and workers from the corner bus stop to their home or workplace. Bangkok’s motorcycle taxi drivers form a vital and affordable link in the city’s public transportation system. One or two baht... read more

Arizona Voters Face Growth Choices

Citizens for Growth Management, a coalition of activist organizations in Arizona, has put a statewide Citizens Growth Management Initiative on the November ballot in Arizona, sparking an intense political battle over the future of land use in the fast-growing and... read more

Malawi Graduates Turn Street People

An education is supposed to be a ticket to a better life, but in Malawi, a lack of appropriate job opportunities has left university graduates begging on the street and — in some cases — resorting to prostitution. It’s also fueled antagonism between... read more

Global Urban Poverty Action Guide

Asia Urbs Program 205, rue Belliard 1040 Brussels, Belgium secretariat@asia-urbs.com www.asia-urbs.com Institute of Social Sciences 8, Nelson Mandela Road New Delhi 110 070, India iss@nda.vsnl.net.in International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU) oulevard du... read more

Fighting Urban Poverty Around the World

Rural poverty continues to claim greater attention from many development agencies, but national and international organizations, activists, and thinkers are starting to identify urban poverty as the bigger challenge at the dawn of a new century. Population trends do... read more


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