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2000 Spring — Designing for Transit and Community
Tales from Commuter Hell James B. Goodno
Building for Transit Matt Taecker
Europeans Push the Design Envelope Matt Nichols
Book Reviews:

Picture Windows: How the Suburbs Happened
The Real Las Vegas: Life Beyond the Strip

1999 Number 4 — Millennial Cities
Millennial Cities James B. Goodno
Pittsburgh’s Fifth and Forbes Eric Miller
Financing the City of Tomorrow Molly O’Meara
Initiative Politics Rachel Peterson
Ten Steps to a Living Downtown Jennifer T. Moulton
Book Reviews:

Laws of the Landscape: How Policies Shape Cities in Europe and America
The Baltimore Rowhouse

1999 Number 3 — Angling for Food and Sport
On the Waterfront Benjamin Grant
New Zealand Recreates Environmental Policy Holly Carrington
Can Regionalism Pass the Race Test? Gary Delgado
A Route Through the City: Allan B. Jacobs Discusses Boulevards and Great Urban Streets James B. Goodno
The 12 Most Impoverished Central Cities in the United States US Dept of Housing & Urban Development
Book Reviews:

The Old Neighborhood: What We Lost in the Great Suburban Migration, 1966 – 1999
Celebration, U.S.A.

1998 Number 1 — Housing Everyone
Including the Excluded: Supportive Housing Kate Bristol
The Importance of Supportive Management Joseph Smooke
Abandoning the Poorest Families: Federal and Local Policy Shifts Denise D. Hall
Alleys and Backyard Housing David Winslow
Housing for Adult Roommates: Rethinking Spatial Hierarchies Ken Ruebush
Texas’ Colonias: Squatter Settlements Become Affordable Housing Rachel Peterson
Residential Hotels — A Downtown Housing Alternative Paul Groth
Sustainable Development Around the World Editor
Sustainable Development in the U.S. Editor
Sustainable Development in the Bay Area Editor
A Little “TLC” for Bay Area Communities Karen Frick and Joe Curley
Book Reviews:

Parallel Utopias: The Sea Ranch, California / Seaside, Florida
Common Place: Toward Neighborhood and Regional Design

1997 Number 4 — Linking Environment and Equity
A Letter from the Guest Editors
Achieving Equity in Roxbury: An Interview with Gus Newport Rachel Peterson
Revitalization in the South Bronx Rachel Peterson
Jobs and Environmental Stewardship in Taiwan Randy Hester
International Environmental Justice: The Example of Ken Saro-Wiwa Rachel Peterson
Communities Making Themselves Heard: Environmental Justice as a Means to Equity Enrique Gallardo
Volunteerism and Social Equity: The Example of Services for the Homeless Robert Ogilvie
Addressing Inequity at Barrio Logan Michael Rios
Union Point Park: Waterfront Access, Recreation, and Equity Andrew Haupt
The Blame Game: A Critical Look at the Population Growth Debate Santos Gomez
Sustainable Development Around the World Editor
Sustainable Development in the United States Editor
Sustainable Development in the Bay Area Editor
Lafayette Square Park Renovation Willie Pettus
Community Design’s Richmond Greenway Project Rachel Peterson
Ecological Design Case Study: A Church in Berkeley Todd Jersey
Improving Transit Accessibility Charles Sciammas
Book Reviews:

The Power of Identity
Rating Guide to Environmentally Healthy Metro Areas
Asphalt Nation: How the Automobile Took Over America and How We Can Take it Back

1997 Number 3 — Metropolitan Regional Planning
A Letter From The President Andrea Traber
The Need for Regional Approaches Shelly R. Poticha
Regional Polarization and Tax Sharing Myron Orfield
Citizens Organize for Regional Planning Stephen Wheeler
Living in Metro Toronto Monika Jaeggi
Subregional Planning in California Robert Odland
Assessing Your Community’s Food Security Andy Fisher
Guatemala City 2010: Planning for Sustainability in Central America Stephen Wheeler
Sustainable Development Around the World Editor
Tunnels for Munich? Ron Widenhoeft
Ecological Development in the United States Editor
Ecological Development in the Bay Area Editor
Wetland Sewage Treatment in Pacifica Michael Jilka
Green Building Materials Darrel Deboer
Book Reviews:

Edge of Empire: Postcolonialism and the City
Metropolitics: A Regional Agenda for Community and Stability

1997 Number 2 — Securing Food in the City
What is Community Food Security? Andy Fisher
USDA Community Food Projects
Combating Supermarket Flight in Los Angeles Michelle Mascarenhas
Mexican Agribusiness and the U.S. Food System Jorge G. Lizárraga
Havana’s Self-Provision Gardens Angela Moskow
Balancing Agendas in Entrepreneurial Training Gardens Laura Lawson
Assessing Your Community’s Food Security Andy Fisher
Democratize Your Food System: Things You Can Do
A Brief Reading List on Urban Sustainability Stephen Wheeler
Ecological Development Around the World Editor
Ecological Development in the United States Editor
Ecological Development in the Bay Area Editor
Transportation in Japan: An Analysis From an
American Perspective David Ross Loutzenheiser
(Book Review) Change of Plans: Towards a
Non-Sexist Sustainable City Juliet Lamont

1997 Number 1 — Nature in the City
Flowering Trees Honor Loved Ones Meg Krehbiel
Cooling our Cities Lisa Gartland
Wilderness in South Central Los Angeles? Randy Hester
Backyard Habitat Tips Michael Dileo
Greening Detroit Ariel Rubissow Okamoto
Motown to Growtown Christopher Middleton
Saving Durban’s Medicinal Plants Rebecca Koffman
Daylighting A Creek Lisa Owens-Viani
Restoring the Bronx Coastline Paul Mankiewicz
San Diego Canyons Mix Coyotes and House Cats Kevin Crooks
Pigeons: Urban Pests or Companions? Ryder Miller
Book Reviews:

Affordable Housing and Urban Redevelopment in the United States
Good Neighbors: Affordable Family Housing
Our Ecological Footprint: Reducing Human Impact on Earth

1996 Number 4 — Blueprint for a Sustainable Bay Area
Creating the Blueprint: A Participatory Process Wood Turner
The Bay Area to Date… Stephen Wheeler
Sustainability Principles for the Bay Area Marcia McNally
A Blueprint Action Agenda: 20 Ways to Build
a More Sustainable Bay Area Ariel Okamoto
Signs of Hope: Bay Area Success Stories Stephen Wheeler
Opportunities for Sustainability Various
Mountain View Makes TOD Happen Michael Yarne
Ecological Development Around the World Editor
Ecological Development in the U.S. Editor
Curitiba: A Visit to an Ecological City Tim Alley
Book Reviews:

Urban Ecology Guide: Greater Copenhagen
Variations on a Theme Park
A Primer on Sustainable Building
What White People Can Do to Work for Social Justice
Redevelopment for Livable Communities
Green Plans

1996 Number 3 — Guiding Global Urban Growth
The Habitat II Conference:
Moving (Slowly) Toward Sustainable Cities Stephen Wheeler
Conference Tidbits Stephen Wheeler
Best Practices in Urban Development Stephen Wheeler
Who’s Doing What Internationally? Editor
Saving Dehli’s Biodiversity Ashish Kothari and Sunita Rao
Russians Struggle to Upgrade Their Cities Robert Odland
Car Sharing Takes Off in Europe Conrad Wagner and Richard Katzev
Sustainable Development in West Africa Michael Yarne
A Healthier Definition of Progress Meg Krehbeil
Ecological Development in the United States Editor
Sustainable Transportation Economics Todd Litman

1996 Number 2 — Beyond Recycling
Beyond Recycling: Materials and the City Steve Lautze
Home Composting: Recycling Organics Theresa Eade
Scavenging and Economic Justice Mary Lou Van Deventer
The Invisible Paper Industry Maureen Smith
Germany’s Green Dot Program John Steere
Extended Producer Responsibility Todd Goldman
The Problems with Curbside Plastics Berkeley Plastics Task Force
Refilling and Reusing Maria Sanders
Strategies for Downtown Revitalization Dena Belzer

1996 Number 1 — Making Density Work
Design Strategies to Make Density Livable Stephen Wheeler
Typical Densities for Different Housing Types Stephen Wheeler
Strategies for Neighborhood Infill Jeff Loux
Planning Compact Communities in L.A. Gordon Hamilton
Shotengai: Compact Communities in Japan Steve Price
Making Density Work Stephen Wheeler
Sustainable Seattle: Citizens Develop Indicators of Sustainability Meg Krehbiel

1995 Number 4 — Community Design
Planning for a More Sustainable San Jose Laurel Prevetti
Designing for Urban Agriculture and Social Ecology Ariel Rubissow Okamoto
Boston’s Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative Editor
The Blueprint for Leicester:
Involving the Public in the UN’s Local Agenda 21 Steve Charter
A Neighborhood Creates a Park: Halcyon Commons John Steere
North Philadelphia: Community Design as Creative Education Sally Harrison
Community Design:
An Interview with Randy Hester & Marcia McNally Stephen Wheeler
Putting Communities Back on Their Feet:
The 1995 Local Government Commission Conference Nancy Bruning
Citizens Offer Developers an Alternative Wendi Kallins

1995 Number 3 — Families In The City
Improving City Schools Ariel Rubissow Okamoto
Perspective: We Are Family Kathryn Ankrum
12 Ways to Make Cities More Family-Friendly Stephen Wheeler
City Kids Take Stock Pilar Beccar-Varela
Why Some Parents Choose the City Rebecca Koffman
Families In The City Editor
A Homestead for Single Parents Doug Walter and Jim Zanetto
City Parks: Family Turf Worldwide Ariel Rubissow Okamoto
Location-Efficient Mortgages Keira Williams
N Street Cohousing: Taking Down the Fences Stuart Staniford-Chen

1995 Number 2 — Revitalizing Downtowns
Successful Downtown Projects Stephen Wheeler
Reflections on the Congress for the New Urbanism Mel Goodwin and Julie Coffer
Revitalizing Downtowns Editor
Main Streets as Revitalization Hubs Keira Williams
Citizens Fight to Improve Town Joan Jefferson
City Center Shake-Up David Bugher
Back to the Heart: Sustaining the Aging Industrial City Paul Okamoto
An Infill Developer Versus the Forces of No Patrick Kennedy

1995 Number 1 — Women and Cities
Inner City Earth: Honoring the Old Ones Christina Bertea
Investing in Inner City Families Bertha Gilkey
A Green Development Organization for Women Editor
Choosing the City Ariel Rubissow Okamoto
Teetering on the Brink:
Single Mothers Need Affordable Homes Nancy Bruning
A Parents’ Eye View:
Raising Children in Muir Commons Cohousing Terry Parker
Housing the Modern Urban Woman Lisa Motoyama
The Power of Place Karen Peterson
Creating Urban Community Kristin Anundsen
Making Cities Safer: METRAC’s Safety Audit Connie Guberman
Designing Cities as if Women Mattered:
An Interview with Clare Cooper Marcus Nancy Bruning & Stephen Wheeler
Auto-Dependence: A Driving Force for Gender Inequality Karen Overton

1994, #3 Ecological Architecture
1994, Spring Greenbelts
1994, Winter Restoring Urban Ecosystems
1993, Fall Urban Design
1993, Summer Transportation
1993, Spring Sustainable Economics
1993, Winter Housing
1992, Fall Sustainable Cities
1992, Summer Greening Cities
1992, Spring Social Justice
1992, Winter Bike Planning; Traffic Limited Zones
1991, Fall Electric Carts; Neo-Traditional Suburbs
1991, Summer New Suburbs; Auto-Free Cities
1991, Spring Bay Vision 2020; CoHousing
1990, Fall Presidio Plan, Oil Wars, Recycling
1990, Summer First International Ecocities Conference
1989, Fall Black Perspective, Slow Streets