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Kathryn McCamant,

Swan’s Market Cohousing

The CoHousing Company is a design and development firm specializing in creating cohousing communities. These communities cluster 15 to 40 self-sufficient dwellings around a “common house” which typically includes childcare, dining, workshop, and laundry facilities. By bringing the buyers into the design process early on, the development’s future residents value the surrounding community. Most cohousing communities are market-rate developments targeted to a mixture of household sizes, including singles, couples, and families with children. When subsidies for the land or financing are available, affordable housing can be incorporated into the project. They are assisting various cohousing developments in the Bay Area and across the country and recently celebrated the opening of a development near the Pleasant Hill BART station.

The CoHousing Company has been involved in the development of communities in Oakland, Emeryville, Berkeley, Davis, and Sacramento, as well as dozens more across the country. The CoHousing Company’s developments include urban, suburban, and rural sites, as well as sites within master-planned communities. The firm was founded by the authors of Cohousing: A Contemporary Approach to Housing Ourselves (Ten Speed Press, 1994).

Sustainable Characteristics
• Housing Choice
• Pedestrian Design
• Transportation Choice
• Ecological Design