We recently gathered the ENTRIPS Community Task Force together again in the bright and sunny Pavilion Building at Mission Bay. This volunteer group of community leaders had a first briefing on SFMTA’s draft ENTRIPS Existing Conditions report. The city team was able to get some valuable expert community feedback early in their study process.

The Existing Conditions report details the current status of all of the different transportation modes across the Eastern Neighborhoods. This Task Force meeting was focused only on discussing the existing conditions analyses, and though everyone is anxious to talk about solutions and opportunities, that is being saved for the next meeting.

Here is are some quick notes from the Task Force and MTA discussion of each mode.

Transit – the “Transit Effectiveness Project” will address most of the route and service issues, while ENTRIPS focuses on roadway conditions. Speed of transit is the main problem. Mixed traffic flow (ie, buses/metro cars using same lane as cars) slows down the entire system.
Biking – Bike Plan is being implemented, still a lack of amenities.
Cars – Car speeds vs transit speeds inequalities.
Parking – SFpark data out in July.
Goods Movements / Trucks – Every SOMA street is a Truck Route.
Taxis – Catch 22 for Taxi demand as they don’t come if there is no demand, no demand because they aren’t there.
Shuttles – Issues of openness. Employees perceptions of safety for SOMA transit. How do shuttles fit in the overall transportation system?
Car Share

The room was really sunny and the beginning of the presentation was hard to see, so we’ve embedded it here for your review. Remember this is still a draft.