218 Jean Drive
Santa Rosa, CA 95405
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Alan Strachan,

Courtside Village

Alan Strachan is somewhat of a one-man army. In conjunction with various partners on a per-project basis, he has spent 10 years focusing on redeveloping the Sebastopol Road corridor into a pedestrian and transit oriented district which will offer housing affordable to a workforce that lives, works, and shops in the district. The main project he has under construction is Courtside Village, which is a mixed-use, pedestrian-oriented, neo-traditional redevelopment on Sebastopol Road in Santa Rosa. It is about 70 acres, with 350 homes, 200 condos, 30 live/work units, and 100 granny units for the residential components.

Scheduled to break ground next year is a 300,000 square foot office building for the County of Sonoma in a Redevelopment Area in Santa Rosa. The site was chosen in order to maximize agglomeration – Strachan believes that the project offers public assets beyond simply renting office space. The building and its 1200 employees (presently on sites scattered throughout the City) will be the engine driving redevelopment of a large, blighted area in Santa Rosa. Strachan is also involved in production of a “Walking District” and a “Housing Equity Fund” to induce co-location of housing with employment sites, and to induce pedestrian and transit orientation over time through these financial tools.

Sustainable Characteristics
• Mixed use
• Housing Choice
• Pedestrian Design
• Transportation Choice