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The East Bay Greenway Concept Plan details a bicycle and pedestrian pathway that extends from Oakland to Hayward underneath the elevated BART tracks. This twelve mile long greenway runs through some of the poorest neighborhoods in the East Bay, neighborhoods without access to the same amount of recreational opportunities as their more affluent neighbors. By linking together the many smaller parks, schoolyards, bike trails, and community destinations, the East Bay Greenway will create new opportunities for recreation, public health, sustainability, and community pride.

Urban Ecology planned the East Bay Greenway over two years, gathering input from over 500 community members at 40 different design workshops. Currently, we are partnering with the Alameda County Transportation Improvement Authority to review any environmental impacts that construction would cause.

Download the Concept Plan

The East Bay Greenway Concept Plan (Full) ,(34.9mb, pdf)

Individual Chapters

The East Bay Greenway Concept Plan: Executive Summary, (1.7mb, pdf)

The East Bay Greenway in Google Earth ,(1kb, kmz)

A flythrough of the East Bay Greenway,(youtube)

Health Impact Assesment, (1.1mb, pdf)

Community Comments Summary, (5.1mb, pdf)

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